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Holding of core competence for precision medicine era The paradigm of future medicine in the fourth industrial revolution era is shifting with personalized “precision medicine” at the center. Theragen Etex receives more attention because it has both gene analysis ability and personalized drug development capability, which are core technologies for “precision medicine.”

The world’s highest level of genome analysis technology Theragen Etex has made excellent achievements using innovative technologies such as the creation of the world’s first female/tiger/minke whale genome maps and completion of the first domestic human genome map, holding the largest domestic genome analysis performance, and first commercialization of individual genome analysis service in Asia. The company is now poised to benefit from the new growth engine.

International GMP certified facilities, stable manufacturing and supply of medicines Pharmaceutical Division increased production facilities, acquired GMP certification from international consultative group, Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation/Scheme (PIC/S), and now stably manufactures and supplies medicines with its distribution affiliated companies. It also actively conducts research for securing a new drug pipeline such as incrementally modified drugs (IMD) or orphan drugs.

Carcinogenic gene analysis and development of novel anticancer drug With the cooperation of the world’s best research institutes and medical staff, we analyze variations in carcinogenic genes such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, head and neck cancers, and breast cancer and disease mechanisms. Vactosertib, a novel anticancer drug that we are developing, is under clinical trial in Korea and the US.

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07Aug 'Genetic testing will lead to new businesses'

Regulations hamper industry's bid to expand home test  By Nam Hyun-woo   SUWON, Gyeonggi Province ― Six years ago, actress Angelina Jolie revealed that she had a preventive double mastectomy, after genetic tes...

18Jul MedPacto Passes Technology Assessment, the Next Goal Is Listing on KOSDAQ within This Year

MedPacto, a subsidiary of TheragenEtex, has passed the technology assessment required for listing on KOSDAQ and is promoting special listing for technology.   In recently conducted technology assessment, MedPacto r...

01Jul TheragenEtex’s CEO, Samuel Hwang, Is Elected as the President of Korea Genome Industry Council

Korea Genome Industry Council under Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization has appointed Samuel Hwang, the CEO of TheragenEtex, as the 3rd President (Jul. 1, 2019 ~ Jun. 39, 2021).   Korea Genome Industry Counci...

18Jun TheragenEtex Demonstrates Technological Capability in European Society of Human Genetics

TheragenEtex Bio Institute is participating in the annual ESHG (European Society of Human Genetics) Conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from June 15 to June 18, to demonstrate its technological capability and win cont...

12Apr TheragenEtex Signs the Partnership Agreement in Genomics Field with Bioneer

TheragenEtex Bio Institute has signed a MoU on joint R&D and business operation in genomic analysis field, with Bioneer.   Through this agreement, two companies are now in strategic partnership in regards to resear...

14Mar New Oral Drug for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Is Designated as National Assignment at ‘Korea Drug Development Fund’

New oral drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease currently under development by TheragenEtex is designated as a new drug assignment of KDDF (Korea Drug Development Fund).   Being designated as the managing organization of Tr...


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