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TheragenEtex, publication of thesis on the “age distributions of facial metrics in Koreans by age” List

TheragenEtex Bio Institute published the results of a study titled, “The age distribution of facial metrics in two large Korean populations” in “Scientific Reports,” a sister journal of “Nature.”

The results of this research will be combined with genetic analysis technologies in the future to predict the changes of faces by age for runaways, unidentifiable people, and people who have been missing for a long period of time.

In addition, the results of the research can be used for criminal investigations, such as the production of montages of the current appearances of suspects of unsolved cases or the identification of people by using old photos or CCTV-based identification of people.


TheragenEtex conducted this study as part of the “development of a genetics-based facial change prediction technology,” which is being operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Korean National Police Agency.

The shapes of human faces continuously change with age. The significance of this study lies in investigating common features in the changes of facial areas by age by using about 8,000 Korean subjects. <Original Copy of Thesis:>