TotalOmics is research-oriented genome analysis of Whole Genome, ExomeTranscriptome, Epigenome sequencing for humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms.
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Oncomics is an effective clinical research service for reliable detection of somatic mutations from cancer samples using next generation sequencing (NGS) technology.
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HelloGene is Asia’s first personalized healthcare service and predicts the predisposition of genetic risk for the disease.
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Meet us at Plant & Animal Genome Conference 2016 !
We are going to participate in PAG XXIV in San Diego, US on Jan. 9-13, you can meet us at booth #302 !
Asia's 1st Personalized Healthcare Service "HelloGene"
You can find your genetic predisposition to various diseases through our HelloGene service.
Experience All New HiSeq 4000
use a dual flow cell and sequence up to 12 human genomes or 180 exomes in 3.5 days or less; save cost as low as 30% or less.

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